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18-23 November 2024
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10 Nov

Music Moves Europe: Dialogue On Music #2 | Join Us On Nov. 23

Music Moves Europe: Dialogue On Music #2 | Join Us On Nov. 23

How can we best accelerate tomorrow’s European talent?

Linecheck entirely dedicates the morning of 23 November to this central question. The contextual backdrop is the music sector, which has to be rethought as an ecosystem rather than an array of one-way street value chains. In the pursuit of a more resilient future, Linecheck opens up to the inclusion and development of innovative, new talent: both artists and professionals with creative, disruptive ideas and approaches. Inspiring panels and industry updates set the scene for an interactive, open discussion with the music sector to discuss Europe’s musical future.

Artists become start-up businesses, rights holders transform into service providers, labels transform into tech pioneers, and audience members turn into creators. The logic of arrows pointing to a constant cash flow or creative process is being substituted by an infinity of little dots that form an ecosystem. The way artists used to earn their money only a decade ago, has changed significantly, with global implications.

A parallel development is that more and more market power is concentrated with large market participants, often based in North America or Asia, who in addition to large financial resources often also have exclusive technological assets. The European music ecosystem is thus coming under increasing pressure, and with it European core values and commitments to social fairness, diversity, and inclusion. So, quick action is vital, to respond to the demands of a world defined by speed  and transformation, within the European market, but also on a global scale.
During an introductory dialogue session at Tallinn Music Week, organised earlier this year in the context of the Music Moves Europe initiative of the European Commission, it came out clearly: It takes fresh and brilliant ideas, outstanding creativity and extremely unique selling propositions, to cut through the worldwide noise – be it artists, business professionals, or tech entrepreneurs. Building on this, this second dialogue session will be guided by questions like: What are their aspirations and desires? What drives the new creatives, and what are their expectations from the industry and the political framework, to facilitate their growth?

Confirmed speakers include Susanne Hollmann (European Commission), Detlef Schwarte (Reeperbahn Festival), Tamara Kamińska (One Voice for European Music), Virgo Sillamaa (European Music Exporters Exchange), Anna Zò (Music Tech Europe), Eleonora Bianchi (Universal Music), Daniele Giliberto (Musixmatch), Camila Anino (Primavera Sound / Pro), Nur Al Habash (SIAE), Alex Richter (Mgmt Giant Rooks)

The morning meetings are hosted by Helen Sildna (Tallinn Music Week) and Dino Lupelli (Linecheck)


Music Moves Europe: Dialogue on Music #2: The European Music Ecosystem: What’s new? | 10:00AM – 10:30AM at the Ground Hall

Music Moves Europe: Dialogue on Music #2: Accelerate Toworrow’s Talent | 10:30AM – 11:30AM at the Ground Hall

Music Moves Europe: Dialogue on Music #2: Let’s talk | 11:30AM – 1:15PM at the Ground Hall

Music Moves Europe: Dialogue on Music #2: Conclusions | 1:15PM – 1:30PM at the Ground Hall

The Dialogue session at Linecheck constitutes the second in a series of 10 dialogue sessions spread over four years. The dialogue is part of the Music Moves Europe initiative (MME); it is steered by the European Commission, and happening at music conferences all over Europe.

The dialogue programme is carried out by Eurosonic Noorderslag, East European Music Conference, Linecheck, MaMA, Reeperbahn Festival and Tallinn Music Week. These European music festivals and conferences are also the founders of the new Federation of Music Conferences (FoMC), which provide  the platform promoting the MME dialogues.

It will also be possible to participate online by filling this form.

Join us in this second session of the MME dialogue, and contribute to the discussion.  
Let’s find out together what Europe can do to facilitate music sector players in doing what they do best: Move Europe with music!

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