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22–26 november 2022
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3 Oct

Music Meeting: First Speakers announced

Music Meeting: First Speakers announced

Linecheck is happy to announce the 1st wave of speakers that will take part of Linecheck 2022 – In Exile.

Acting as a catalyst for change in the music ecosystem, at its eighth edition, the Milan-based event has grown to become one of Europe’s best new music economy conferences. The music meeting and festival is a celebration of talent, creativity and new ideas. Offering three packed days, with a program that showcases international diversity across over 60 events, including panels, workshops during the day, with over 250 industry speakers and with a genre-blurring mix of over 30 artists from different countries showcasing throughout the night. Linecheck is the ultimate meeting place between professionals and enthusiasts of not just the music sector, but an incubator for dialogues between music, creative, technology and cultural industries, bridging the gaps between Italy, other European countries, the UK and the rest of the world.

The main theme of this eighth edition of the music conference will be #INEXILE, chosen to explore territorial absence, the detachment from metropolitan or local spaces, but also the inability to exercise freedom of movement towards new homelands. For music artists and the overall music ecosystem, exploration is a necessity. Physical spaces are important because they are important sites of cultural production. One doesn’t need to be physically removed from the homeland in order to be exiled. Exile can take place in different cultural spaces, especially through processes like colonisation and modernization. 
#INEXILE will resonate across the music meetings, and Linecheck’s conference main topics: the main theme Beyond Boundaries will explore territorial borders and Europeanisation, as well as cross-sectoriality, proposing innovation as a way to overcome territorial, mental and technological boundaries. Creators’ Rights will focus on creators’ rights in all its forms, from Sync in advertising, film and tv, metaverse and web3 to creators’ economies, brand activations, metadata done right and the rise of online radio and podcasts. Shared Experiences will explore sustainable events and Green Deal, innovative ways of festivals and tour promotion, NFT and Blockchain in the events industry, Music Cities. Back will also be Linecheck’s Matchmaking Sessions, which will connect international delegates to Italian industry experts covering different sectors of the industry through sessions such as Meet The Managers, Meet Label, Distribution & PR and Meet Promoters, Clubs and Festivals.

The first wave of speakers confirmed for the conference are (in alphabetical order) and include leading international and Italian figures: Nathalie Blue – Agent and Producer, NewForm And LittleBig Agency (UK), Andrea Compagnucci – Direttore Marketing e Fundraising, Fondazione Arena di Verona (IT), Chris Cooke – Founder & Managing Director, CMU (UK), Anna Conticello – Project Manager, Desk Italia Europa Creativa, Cultura MIC (IT), Luca De Gennaro – Vice President Talent & Music, Paramount International (IT), Lara Della Gaspera – Creator Partnerships Italy & Spain , Patreon (ES), Lavinia Francia – Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy (IT), Ian Graves – Director, Soundcloud (UK), Flavia Guarino – Venue & Promoter Partnerships Lead, DICE (IT), Charles Kirby-Welch – CEO / Founder, Kartel Music Group – United Kingdom (UK), Markus Linde – Music Supervisor, Europe in Synch / thag’s agent (DE), Enzo Mazza – CEO, FIMI (IT), Ritnika Nayan – Managing Director, Downtown India (IN), Silvia Nocentini – CEO / Founder, NoOx Worldwide (IT), Jacopo Pesce – Manager (IT), Michael Perlmutter – Music Supervisor, Canadian Guild of Music Supervisors (CA), Marc Ridet – Director, MR Management (CH), Ferdinando Salzano – CEO, Friends&Partners (IT), Ave Tölpt – Director, Music Estonia (EE), Vlad Yaremchuk – Programming Director, Atlas Festival (UA).

Co-funded by the Italian Ministry of Culture as a platform for generational renewal of the Italian music industry, Linecheck is proud to announce the first wave of international partners, projects and delegations, which will include Europe in Synch, HEMI, Swiss Music Export and PUSH – the export accelerator programme for artists based in Italy. Thanks to PUSH which is a joint project of Italia Music Export and Linecheck, an international delegation will be invited to Milan, kindly supported by ITA – Italian Trade Agency (Ministry of Economic Development & Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation).

In addition to the music program, a series of special daytime showcases will be hosted at La Capsula: a box with clear walls and cutting-edge immersive 3D sound within BASE. Live concerts at La Capsula by invitation only due to very limited capacity. First confirmed showcases are presented by FUGA (Palmaria, Arssalendo, SPZ), Arezzo Wave ready to go (Tamango, Barone Lamberto, Piqued Jacks), Emilia Romagna Music Comm (Lomii, Luca Mazzieri), Ponderosa (Redi Hasa), more to be announced.

Linecheck is produced by Music Innovation Hub, the first social enterprise in Italy dedicated to music, and is being co-funded by the Italian Ministry of Culture as a platform for generational renewal of the Italian music industry. Linecheck will once again be the main content partner of Milano Music Week, the annual festival dedicated to music and its key figures, and promoted by The Municipality of Milan – Department of Culture, SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) FIMI (Federation of the Italian Music Industry), NUOVOIMAIE (New Mutualist Institute for Performing Artists) and Assomusica (Association of live music shows producers and organisers), will see top industry players coming together to look at the future and discuss plans to help the music industry return to growth.

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