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18-23 November 2024
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3 Nov

Meeting Program: the highlights that you won’t want to miss

Meeting Program: the highlights that you won't want to miss

This new edition of Linecheck 2023 will feature panels, workshops and roundtables that delve into a wide spectrum of music business fields.
Our meeting program is more than just a schedule: with its focus on innovation and progress, it fosters the exchange on the latest music trends, starting up a music career, discovery, and refreshing the perspective in the contemporary music landscape.

From technical topics such as international tax regulations to LGBTQ+ advocacy, as well as discussions on the latest trends in music-tech, sustainability and accessibility, listening to our experts will be an opportunity to enhance your skills, gain knowledge and exchange ideas about our industry.

Moreover the conference is an open and inclusive platform and whether you’re an industry veteran or a fresh face, whether you’re an agent, promoter or artist, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other brilliant professionals and network, especially during our Matchmaking Sessions.

Starting with the Opening Many Kisses, where we’ll meet Marta Del Grandi,  Valerio Mattioli – NERO/ Not, Mia Ternström – Musikcentrum Öst & Keychange, Georgia Taglietti – The ICNAC to discuss about the importance of moments to dialogue in the music industry, in order to foster innovation and progress. 

Music Technology is an infinite source of opportunities, that’s why during the presentation of our Startup Ecosystem Summit we’ll get to know the world of EIT Culture and Creativity and explore the pros of Investments in Emerging Music Ventures with Patrick Zucchetta – Able Tech, Mauro Zan – SEFEA IMPACT, Thierry Baujard – Media Deals UG and more tba. We’ll also have the chance to discover the freshest ideas in the sector with the Startups Ecosystem Presentation and Pitch Session curated by Linecheck with MTE Academy, HEMI and Immediate Accelerator, and to talk with Joe Zadeh – Angel Investor.

Another topic we’ll embark on will be the possibilities of AI: among the others, during our panel AI legal framework: is there any? we’ll discuss the legal gap that needs to be filled as the AI affects music creation, publishing, promotion and listening with Amalie Briden – BPI, Ludovico Benvenuti – IFPI European Office e Massimiliano Zanoni – AI expert.

Find out the contemporary perspectives talking about live events: we’ll investigate the newest trends about big festivals in Italy during the panel Da Festival in Crescita a  Rivoluzionari Format Musicali, with Luca De Gennaro – Paramount Global, Ferdinando Salzano – Friends&Partners, Clemente Zard – Vivo Concerti, Claudia Spadoni – Rockin’1000, Denis Longhi – Italian Music Festivals.

Dick Molenaar – All Arts Tax Adviser and Mario Tenore – Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associates will show us the intricate world of abroad taxation for artists during the workshop PERFORMING ABROAD: ARTIST TAX, SOCIAL SECURITY AND VAT.

Innovation often comes from intersection: Niccolò Bonazzon – Live Nation Entertainment, Andrea Corona – Propaganda Network, Chiara Angeli – Volvo Car Italia and Sara Deidda, rand Partnership Manager at Universal Music Italia will talk about brilliant ideas to connect brands and music in order to create more value during Osservatorio brand & music: best practice del 2023.

Marta Donà – La Tarma Srl, Maria Lane – TaP Music will bring us in artistic management world with at Soundtrack of Success: Women Shaping the Music Management Landscape and we’ll reveal the relationship between festival, tourism and local communities through the perspective of Boutique Festivals at the workshop Territori: Turismo Musicale e Impatto dei Festival with Arturo Di Bella, Luigi Cernigliaro – Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Lucrezia Muscianisi – Mish Mash Festival, Fausto Savatteri – FestiValle, Alessandra Di Caro – Butik, Nicola Giuliani – Threes Production.

How do audiences and culture change among the diverse genres? Let’s delve into how contemporary experiences and innovative strategies are reshaping the classical music landscape with  Emmanuela Spedaliere – Teatro San Carlo, Ilana Goldstoff – Deutsche Grammophon at the panel Classical Crescendo: Transforming Audiences Beyond Mink Fur Coats; while we’ll analyze the phenomena of Trap Music at Global taste with local flavor? Trap and the Glocalization of music (speakers tba), and of K-Pop at K-pop: l’ascesa di un fenomeno (speakers tba).

As the world continues to evolve, with differences becoming more of an opportunity than a deficiency, it’s crucial to prioritize the needs of our communities.

Meet other people that want to create more inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ people in live music at the workshop LGBTQ+ ADVOCACY & INCLUSION with Matilde Mirotti and Antonia Lines – Come Play With Me, while on Saturday morning we’ll talk about accessibility with Keep On and the project “Il concerto che vorrei” and in the panel All Areas Access | Musica e sordità. Modelli per luoghi accessibili.

And since the climate emergency is no longer a fantasy, it’s absolutely necessary to set a dialogue to make the music industry more sustainable. During our roundtable Forward in Sustainable Motion we’ll learn how to design a mobility strategy that minimizes live events ecological footprint.

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