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22–26 november 2022
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28 Jun

Manifesto Linecheck 2022 – In Exile

Manifesto Linecheck 2022 - In Exile

Linecheck – Music Meeting and Festival is back for its 8th edition.

The landmark event for all the people involved in the music and cultural creative industries takes place on 22-26 November in its Milan headquarters BASE, a cultural and creative centre in the heart of Milan’s Tortona area.

We will explore this year’s main theme #InExile: the exile of music, after two years of silence. Exile from others, after two years of precautions. Exile from the many homelands we inhabit, after two years of restricted movement. Exile from our own being, after many years of identity building which has never made anyone feel truly comfortable. How can we regain a sense of belonging to something, of truly experiencing it? What role does music play in all this? How can maps help us reappropriate this land? Building a community together, sharing its values and rejecting its rules. The challenge after the exile is this: to take back the tools and spaces that feed our talent by steering development, each of us according to our own spiritual make-up and essence, amid the ever-changing soundtrack of our reality. and the continent.
From the meeting/clash between these different worlds and languages, we hope to facilitate new, unexpected situations that convey in a single moment the specific features of the two regions, the strong human element of Mediterranean cultures and the technological and social innovation driving European culture today.



Linecheck is a Meeting by day, an essential fixture on the Italian and European music business calendar. 3 days of gatherings, panels, and workshops to explore and reflect on the present and future landscape of the music industry and its embedding in a global context.

Connect with booking agents, labels, promoters, trade associations, artists, authors, composers, publishers, audio visual and sync, arts, advertising, technology providers, producers, event and festival organizers, policy makers, institutions, schools and training centres, collecting societies, distributors, brands, media and communication professionals from all over the world.

Exile yourself at Linecheck and bridge the gap between culture and industry.


Linecheck is a festival by night, a unique opportunity to learn about INNOVATIVE SOUNDS and DISCOVER NEW TALENTS.

Live shows, showcases and DJ sets to listen to contemporary music with national and international artists often performing for the first time in Italy. An opportunity to discover sounds and new trends.


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