Milano Music Week
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18-23 November 2024
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6 May



For ten years, Linecheck has been a leader in bringing new ideas to the music world, always looking for fresh and smart ways to grow.
This year’s Warm Up event shows just how committed we are to this mission: held as a prelude to the Linecheck 2024 music festival happening in November, it promises a blend of thought-provoking panels and exclusive performances, including the standout virtual reality augmented opera by TEAM ROLFES presenting ‘321 RULE: LIVE’, with the special participation of M¥SS KETA and the opening & closing DJ set by CLUB CRINGE – DJ TRICK & ANGEL MONEY.

The event will kick off at 18:00 with “NICE AI – Is that possible?” in collaboration with SAE Institute Milano, discussing the relationship between humans and AI, focusing on its ethical use and its impact on society and creativity.  Linecheck, as an industry collaborator in the two-year Music Business programme, convenes specialists from diverse sectors to probe the fundamental nexus between humanity and artificial intelligence. The discussion will centre on the ethical deployment of AI and its sustainable application, aiming to forge a positive influence on societal and cultural constructs.

Host: Anna Zò (Music Innovation Hub, Music Tech Europe)

Keynote Speech: Peter G. Kirchschlaeger (University of Lucerna)

Speakers: Jacopo Mele (Moonstone Fund), Francesca Lagioia (UNIBO), Michele Canova (artist), Francesco De Giorgio (SAE Institute Milano)

The free registration for the panel (evening performance excluded) will soon be open on Eventbrite.

321 Rule: Live is the culmination of years of pioneering 3D live performances by Team Rolfes, who will be performing in Milan with M¥SS KETA as part of the European tour that is also taking them to Art Basel and Sónar Barcelona.

The New York-based Rolfes brothers – who have collaborated with artists such as Lady Gaga, Holly Herndon, Danny L Harle, Metallica, and Arca – are revolutionizing the entertainment world with their real-time club-theater performances featuring VR puppets, motion capture, and avatars.

321 Rule: Live is an half satirical theater and half musical: an augmented reality virtual opera, starring an artist – in this case M¥SS KETA – in the lead role. Expect slapstick humor, manic imagery, genre parodies, and plenty of high-BPM musical interludes in this event, which is both a national premiere for Team Rolfes and a unique opportunity to see them collaborate with the national M¥SS.

The opening and closing of the evening are curated by CLUB CRINGE, featuring DJ sets by DJ TRICK and ANGEL MONEY.

Early bird tickets for LINECHECK WARM UP (evening performance) are now on sale. 

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