Milano Music Week
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18-23 November 2024
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22 Apr

SO FAR SO GOOD? | Read our 10th edition Manifesto and join us from Nov 18th to Nov 23rd, 2024

SO FAR SO GOOD? | Read our 10th edition Manifesto and join us from Nov 18th to Nov 23rd, 2024

Linecheck Music Meeting and Festival is back!

The landmark event for all those involved in the music and cultural creative industries returns for its 10th edition and takes place from November 18th to November 23rd, 2024, headquartered at the cultural and creative center BASE Milano, along with various night venues as part of the Milano Music Week, followed by a closing party in Bologna on Saturday night.



For 10 editions, like equilibrists, we have ventured our journey with constance, committing step by step to our path.

To succeed in getting this far, we have cherished as our own golden rule the precious advice of Philippe Petit, the renowned tightrope walker who left his mark in history for walking the sky between the Twin Towers – his practice taught us that, in case of a moment of a halt or fleeting doubt while walking on the wire, the solution is to act counter-intuitively: rather that fighting the eventuality of falling by remaining still, one should take a small leap forward instead.

This metaphor accurately conveys the meaning of pursuing innovation, a practice that ought to be promoted and encouraged as widely as possible, in order to invigorate the music ecosystem, where change is too often met by resistance, and the pursuit of personal affirmation prevails.

To proceed in our journey, what matters to us is the ability to find solutions to operate in balance between apparent dichotomies: human sensitivity or technology? Local culture or internationalisation? Inclusivity or meritocracy?

The answers are as subtle as the steel cable that Petit placed between the two towers, and we like to think that they should be conceived with patience, involving the entire community of music professionals in the process, and in the interest of music lovers.


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