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28 Jun

Linecheck 2022 – In Exile 1st Line Up Announcement and tickets

Linecheck 2022 - In Exile 1st Line Up Announcement and tickets

Linecheck Music Meeting and Festival is excited to announce the first round of music acts of Linecheck 2022 – In Exile

Aligned with this year’s theme, the festival becomes a bridge connecting different worlds and cultures, hosting artists who perfectly embody this special encounter.

Among the first names in the lineup there are Azu Tiwaline, Bawrut and Mysie playing on the 24th, and COUCOU CHLOE and Marina Herlop on the 25th.

Azu Tiwaline is a producer inspired by the need to explore her origins. Her call for a different sound, organic and raw, vibrating in the great spaces of the African desert makes her music feel like an ecstatic ritual, synthesizing her Tunisian heritage and her techniques, those of minimalist and repetitive electronic sounds. On the other side, the Italian-born and Madrid-based producer and DJ Bawrut’s taste toes a wonderfully balanced line between the classics and the new, tracing his influence in the work of Chicago pioneers, established European teachers and every sound he can find on the internet or during digging sessions. Bawrut will make the worldwide première of his live show exclusively at Linecheck.

The connection between different realities takes physical form with the special set ‘La Niña invites Mysie’, during which Mysie, raised in South East London but with roots that stretch back generations to Uganda, will make her Italian debut, taking her listeners on a journey through raw and sensitive emotional spaces, and joining forces with Neapolitan singer La Niña who will invite her onto Linecheck stage, where the collision of their countries, cities and exploration of urban music will create a unique performance.

To introduce the evening of the 25th we will host artists such as COUCOU CHLOE and Marina Herlop, who showcase how avant-garde sounds and productions are influencing modern music. One which welcomes us to an innovative world where slinky, supine beats sit side by side with wedding dresses and floral bouquets, and forbidding, futuristic sounds are thrown off-kilter by moments of shocking lyrical intensity, and the other, a conservatory trained composer, vocalist and pianist, highlights the growth of her range of sonic tools to the decidedly more cybernetic aspect of music, where the hypnotic continuum of her early compositions clashes and grows through alien rhythms, layers of processed vocals and organic flourishes. Herlop will bring a special Live AV show to Linecheck’s stage.


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