Milano Music Week
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22–26 november 2022
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5 Nov

An international network: the global music industry has never been so close

An international network: the global music industry has never been so close

At over 50 talks featuring more than 150 speakers, we will discuss the most talked about issues right now: with Sound Values as the guiding theme, we kick off with a conversation with industry legend, Keith Harris (UK), well-known for his work in Motown and as manager to Stevie Wonder, as well as a representative of the related rights company, PPL. Up next is a reflection on live-streaming with Ari Evans (US), Founder and CEO of the Maestro platform, which recently hosted the much anticipated Billie Eilish concert, and a discussion about copyright legislation with Ali Condon (UK) from the English collecting company PRS

The topic of music funding will be explored with Ronny Krieger (DE), General Manager at Patreon Europe, while Lynden Campbell (UK), Head of Synchronisation at the iconic label and publisher Domino, will discuss synchronisation. Talking about music exports will be Robert Meijerink (NL), Head of Program and Booking at Eurosonic, Europe’s leading event for business and new talent, while Neus Lopez (DE), head of export at public German music funding agency Initiative Musik, will delve into the topic of concerts. Music itself will also be the subject of much discussion, focusing particularly on the way in which psych rock has given world music a new lease of life, with Phil Perrone (US), founder of the Californian electronic Desert Daze Festival, and analysing the new clubbing realm and the gender gap with Katatonic Silentio and Carolaina Losa (Resident Advisor). 

The issue of gender difference, explored in 2019, makes a return in 2020 thanks to Linecheck’s role as partner in the Keychange programme, and the collaboration with Italy on the topic of what it means to be parents in the music business, featuring Robyn Stewart (CA), Executive Director and CEO of the Western Canadian Music Alliance and BreakOut West

The conversation will look at the current landscape in Italy and what is most urgent, starting with a discussion of the value gap involving big names like Believe, Universal, Sony, and Maciste, going into the recognition of clubs and festivals for the country system, and ending with an examination of music tourism.

The official guest country for 2020 is the UK, with Linecheck serving as the closing artistic event in the British Council’s “UK/IT Season 2020 ‘Being Present’”. UK/Italy Season 2020 is a digital line-up of cultural events created by the British Council and brought about thanks to a collaboration with partners in the UK and Italy.

Joining us virtually from Canada is a delegation of around 25 delegates from across the music business, taking part in panels as well as dedicated networking sessions, all in collaboration with the Canadian Embassy in Italy and the International Trade Branch, Cultural Affairs at the Department of Canadian Heritage

Among the main partners, those to feature prominently include JUMP – European Music Market Accelerator, the project supported by the European Union through the Creative Europe program for the promotion of new business ideas in the music sector, ETEP – European Talent Exchange Program and INES – Innovation Network Of European Showcases, and the new creativeSHIFT project which, as of 2021, will foster liaison between the music industry and other key sectors in the creative and cultural sector. Linecheck is also part of the global Keychange network, a movement which sets out to rebuild the music industry in terms of gender equality, the furthest reaching program of its kind, to which the music conference is committed for the next three years.

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