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Paolo Bigazzi Alderigi

Music & Transmedia publisher / Owner / Iter-Ressearch (Italy)

Paolo Bigazzi Alderigi

Paolo Bigazzi Alderigi is the owner of Iter-Research, Music & Transmedia publishing. Iter-Research acts as a reference for its clients, which include directors, film producers, advertising agencies, videogame publishers, software houses, museums, artists, and transmedia content producers. Since 2013 he has been working on the creative and executive aspects of music, and sound design for interactive and immersive projects such as AR/VR/XR, also curating their implementation in public contexts. In 2022 he completed the production of the first video game. Through sub-publisher partnerships around the world, he oversees all contractual and negotiation issues for placement, be spoke, sync, and rights administration.
Producer and sound designer since 1997, his studio created the soundtracks of independent Italian cyberpunk cinema in medium-length films, shorts, mokumentaries – and since 2013, he is co-producer of the first B2C Italian interactive urban storytelling project “Komplex", based on Augmented Reality. Currently, he’s working on the project "6 1 Mito" (the first worldwide AR film).

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Paolo Bigazzi Alderigi

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