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Giacomo Zavattoni

Head of digital and publishing / Totally Imported (Italy)

Giacomo Zavattoni

My name is Giacomo Zavattoni i’m 31 and i’m a young musical entrepreneur.
I started my music experience as sound engineer, i’ve studied “sound technology” at the “Teatro alla Scala” academy.
I worked in Virgin Radio for 6 month than i flew in Munich and i worked for Amp sound branding for an year.
In Munich i learned how to work well with my creative mind and build something innovative in music. I didn’t want to live in Germany so i came back in Milano and with Francesco Italiano i created RC Waves, a digital press agency that wanted to be a production team for artists and a little creative management.
In 2018 we also created Vetrodischi, an alternative-pop label and i started my activity in digital music and publishing.
In 2019 met Francesco Tenti and Totally Imported srl and after a really short discussion, we have decided to join forces, to merge into a single company that can take care of musical contents at 360 degrees:
After the lockdown we are still alive, i’m pretty happy and i really want to learn more about new opportunities inside the digital music era and market.
In 2021 we participated, completely independent, in the Sanremo Festival with Davide Shorty, finishing second in the young category of the competition.
In the last 4 years we have participated as a publisher on more than 100 albums and we remain passionate and receptive to all that the world of independent music has to offer.

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Giacomo Zavattoni

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