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Gabriele Compierchio

A&R MANAGER / Sugarmusic (Italy)

Gabriele Compierchio

I graduated in Languages, Communication, and Media from the Cattolica University. Subsequently, I pursued a master's degree in Music Communication, also at the Cattolica University, and began my journey in the music industry by working at Parole&Dintorni, Riccardo Vitanza's PR agency.
From there, I continued my career at the booking agency Magic Bean (representing artists like Dargen D’Amico, Dutch Nazari, and Rancore). In this role, I served as a talent scout, tour manager, and social media manager. I then joined the independent record label Giada Mesi, where Francesco Gaudesi became a mentor and major reference point for me throughout my career. Here, I deepened my understanding of the A&R role, artistic consultancy, and took my first steps into the field of publishing – as Francesco and his partner, Paul Sears, are also publishers, representing Ultra Publishing in Italy.
In 2019, I joined Esse Magazine, where I worked as an A&R and project manager for major projects, including Paky, Marracash, Tredici Pietro, and Capo Plaza. Over the years, I realized that my true passion lies in the creative and authorial aspects of the industry, and what I actually aspired to, was to become a music publisher. In January 2022, I achieved both of my goals and joined Sugar, taking on the role of A&R Publishing.

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Gabriele Compierchio

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