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23–25 november 2021
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Laura Avonius

Entrepreneur & Artist / Fragity Oy (Finland)

Laura Avonius

Laura Avonius is a Finnish artist entrepreneur. She is a founder of Spaces of Stillness, a service that helps to prevent burnout by enabling recovery during workdays through healing music composed to activate the brainwaves related to relaxed state. Her stage name is GEA. Her music style is described as electroacoustic fairy music. Her music has been heard in Netflix series Happy Jail, and her music videos have won a few awards at film festivals. She toured with her earlier releases (Butterflies 2017, Snow 2019) in Japan, USA, Canada and Mexico. Her latest album Call For A Snake (2021) is a stirring and soothing journey that invites the listener on a spiritual adventure. Laura has expanded her expression to multimedia art, and has published her first NFT collection called Winning Butterflies.

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Laura Avonius

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