Milano Music Week
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22–26 november 2022
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Friday 25 November

Quick Guide: SoundCloud (Masterclass)

1:45pm - 2:45pm


Artists and producers have a multitude of ways to pursue their journey, invest in their growth and become the next breakout star. One of the best tools to help get you out there is SoundCloud but are you really getting the most from it?! From the newest features on the platform to unique ways to directly engage with and grow your fanbase, you’ll hear from SoundCloud's music team about how SoundCloud empowers its artist and producer community to more easily and successfully build careers on their own terms. Learn tips and tricks to deepen the artist-fan relationship, leverage important insights, creatively market new releases, grow revenue and much more. A staple masterclass to attend when wanting to become a master on SoundCloud!

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Friday 25 November