Milano Music Week
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21–25 November 2023
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Friday 24 November

Promoting a Successful Event

3:45pm - 4:45pm

BASE Room 1400


In the contemporary event landscape, the spotlight is firmly on visibility as the linchpin of success. The dynamics of promotion and engagement are evolving at breakneck speed, and digital partnerships have emerged as the driving force behind this transformation. However, to truly grasp the potential of social media and specialized platforms in expanding reach and bolstering brand influence, it is imperative to harness the transformative power of creativity. By delving into innovative and imaginative strategies, one can carve out a unique niche amid the clamor of the media world, thereby crafting a distinctive and immersive experience for the audience. The question that arises is: What novel strategies can distinguish your presence in today's digital arena, and how can you skillfully navigate the ever-changing digital landscape to make your event shine?
More speakers to be announced...

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