Milano Music Week
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21–25 November 2023
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Friday 24 November

Off the beaten path: Creative touring strategies throughout Italy

4:45pm - 5:45pm

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Presented by Emilia Romagna Music Commission
A single tour stop in Milan, perhaps. Mostly conditioned by a strong domestic market and apparent inaccessibility of information and obvious logistical obstacles, the touring endeavours of international artists in Italy are limited. Though, Europe’s third biggest economy unfolds a diverse and rich club-landscape, from northern to southern Italy, way beyond the circuits usually organized by the 10-15 promoters bringing international talent into the belpaese.
What are the hidden gems? What are the unique stories about audience development and social activism? How can Italy raise awareness and connect the world to its receptive audiences, clubs, captivating sounds, and adding rich culinary experiences and splendid sights on top?

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