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18-23 November 2024


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Wednesday 5 June

NICE AI - Is that possible? | Keynote

6:00pm - 6:30pm



Artificial intelligence (AI)” – which can more appropriately be called “data-based systems (DS)” – have ethical implications: opportunities as well as risks. In order to allow humans and the planet to flourish sustainably, and to guarantee that human rights are respected globally not only offline but also online – and in the digital sphere and the do-main of DS – requires the following concrete measures: 1. Human Rights-Based Data-Based Systems (HRBDS): HRBDS are meant to ensure that human rights serve as the basis of DS. In other words, HRBDS seek to ensure that human rights are respected, protected, implemented, and realized within the entire life cycle of DS and the complete value-chain process of DS (in the design, the development, the production, the distribution, the use, or the non-use of DS because of human rights-concerns). HRBDS strives for protecting the powerless from the powerful. 2. An International Data-Based Systems Agency (IDA): An International Data-Based Systems Agency (IDA) urgently needs to be established at the UN as a global platform for technical cooperation in the field of DS, fostering human rights, safety, security, and peaceful uses of DS as well as a global supervisory and monitoring institution and regulatory authority in the area of DS responsible for access to market approval.

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