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23–25 november 2021


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Thursday 25 November

Networking: Meet Promoters, Clubs and Festivals

12:00pm - 1:30pm

BASE Milano: Spazio C

Organizing concerts is real life. The pulsing beat of the music industry, the benchmark that
tells you if your campaign has worked out - or not. From rocknroll clubs, to festivals in caves
and mountains, hippie gathering to high-end boutique, setting up shows is fun, risk and
challenge. How can you get into the live music game? How to create those goosebumps on your audience’s skin? Do you have the right act for the promoter, but she or he don't know yet? Are you a brand representative or creative that is looking for new ways to connect better with your audience and expand further the experience?
Take the opportunity to meet organizer from the worldwide festival industry in this exclusive
matchmaking session.


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Thursday 25 November