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18-23 November 2024


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Thursday 23 November

Music Moves Europe Dialogues #2: The European music ecosystem: what’s new?

10:00am - 10:30am

Ground hall


Made in Europe.
Accelerating the players of tomorrow’s ecosystem

The music sector has to be rethought. A clear value chain has been disrupted. Artists become start-ups, rights holders become service companies, labels become tech innovators, the audience become creators. The logic of arrows following the cashflow or creative process is being substituted by an infinity of little dots that form an ecosystem.
One of the core necessities of ecosystems is resilience.
Resilience is the capacity of an ecosystem to deal with change and crisis without losing its function or identity. One of its principles is fostering and understanding the awareness of the ecosystem we’re part of. So, let’s do it: Let’s contribute to the resilience of the European music ecosystem through dialogue. What can we do today to ensure that it is in the best possible shape for tomorrow?
How artists made their money only a decade ago is now completely different. Intertwined are the ways of artists and the ones who make money with their music, and they are in continuous development. Going global is – at least theoretically - possible from the first moment.
Within the EU and from the outside, there are multiple threats to European value objectives like social equity, inclusion, diversity: the concentration of financial power, e.g., from particularly neoliberal or authoritarian economies and cultures, which anyway nurture exciting talent - loved and adopted all over the world. Be it artists, social platforms, AI tools or right management apps: The competition is enormous. Quick action is needed, to persist in a world defined by velocity and change, within the European domestic market, but also on a global scale.

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