Milano Music Week
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21–25 November 2023
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Thursday 23 November

Global taste with local flavor? Trap and the Glocalization of music

2:45pm - 3:45pm



Glocalization in music means syncing global music trends with local vibes, cultures, and tastes, crafting a blend of global and local essence in every tune.
Trap music appears to be the poster child of this phenomenon — a cultural shapeshifter rocking the global stage. Born in the south of the United States, it is now a global phenomenon that totally hit the mainstream, from online numbers to Sanremo. Trap is a master of self-expression and storytelling, demonstrating an intricate interplay between its international appeal and its ability to integrate local nuances.
Is trap just a localized, microwaved surrogate or is it a new exclamation of the younger generations' national musical and cultural identity - positive glocalisation par excellence? What lies ahead for its ongoing journey in defining and redefining cultural identities?

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