Milano Music Week
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18-23 November 2024


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Friday 24 November

Festivals, the labour of love?

2:30pm - 3:30pm



Presented by SMA! Small Festivals Accelerator.
Festivals are an intricate part of the music ecosystem, often founded by small groups driven by specific intrinsic motivations like a love for music, the territory, or a sense of 'home' and community. Regardless of their size, festivals need to establish their sustainable business models. To do so, they must consider issues such as creating economic and social value for themselves and their communities, enhancing local identities, inventing and differentiating income streams, and recognising and support valuable resources, particularily volunteers.
Even if festivals are made with love, they are not always supported, and coordinating stakeholders is a balancing act. This involves navigating the delicate interplay between artistic and decisive independence, politics, sponsors, locals, and fans. Let's hear from different organizations about their challenges and the propositions and best practices they have found to tackle them.

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