Milano Music Week
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21–25 November 2023
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Friday 24 November

Best of both worlds: liveable scales and musical highlights

3:45pm - 4:45pm

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Presented by Emilia-Romagna Music Commission
Sick of big city frenzy?Seeking cities with a more liveable scale and maybe even idyllic surroundings? It seems you’re not alone! Remote working and attention to mental health have enabled a more concrete debate in recent years. There are even governmental agencies looking into how to ensure that people can have a great life wherever they want. Meanwhile, most boutique festivals rave about their promotion and community development in remote 'internal' areas. But what happens when the circus leaves town, and the brutal reality of ordinary, everyday life hits?
The positive impact of culture on communities is undeniable. And music clubs are one of the answers to supporting geo-cultural diversity and countering the magnetic pull of metropolitan centers. However, the classic chicken-and-egg dilemma persists: finally, without a thriving culture, few venture to rather remote places, and without proactive enthusiasts and audiences, culture struggles. How can entrepreneurial activity ensure a continuous and vibrant cultural scene without being a public-money-pit? How can diverse audiences across all regions, genres, and age groups be developed and maintained, so that hot touring artists and their agents actually book shows outside the 'A-Cities'? What are the best strategies for effectively cultivating enduring cultural seedlings in these remote realms and nurturing an audience, a community, that perfectly vibes with them?

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