Milano Music Week
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22–26 november 2022
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Wednesday 23 November

Amore turning hip again: the next generation's italophilia

12:15pm - 1:15pm

Ground hall


Doesn't the apparent revival of Italian identity, music, and lifestyle in Europe and the rest of the world come as a surprise? Italo-disco and Andrea Laszlo De Simone are popular in France. Through their music, 'Crimi' reconnect with their ancestral Sicilian roots. Austria's indie pop scene sings the name of Bologna 30mln times, led by a German semi-ironic Italo-Schlager act of hipsters selling thousands of tickets to a young and diverse crowd, far larger than a white-socks-in-sandals one. Even Cologne's c/o pop Festival has dedicated its opening night to Italian cover versions of Germany's greatest left-wing Indie-Rock hits. The classic Italian repertoire soars on Karaoke... and so on: There appears to be some momentum around the Peninsula.
Is this a genuine love call, or just another red flag indicating Italy's failure to overcome its stereotypes? Could this, combined with the success of Maneskin, Meduza, and Trap & Reggaeton-Featurings, pave the way for a widespread revival of Italian music?

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Wednesday 23 November