Milano Music Week
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18-23 November 2024


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Friday 24 November

Act in Synch - What are we waiting for? We’ve got the super powers!

12:15pm - 1:15pm

Ground hall


Creative industries have the ability to educate and mobilize global audiences, playing a pivotal role in shaping societal contexts and values.
Jointly we can cut through the noise to create tangible impact on the issues that matter the most to humankind and the planet.
To meaningfully fight the climate crisis, we urgently require audacious leadership and collaborative efforts that harness our collective skills to reimagine what truly matters.
With the Act in Synch “The Courage Class” workshop, the aim is to bridge the gaps between diverse industries and ignite conversations on pioneering ways through which culture can serve as a wellspring of inspiration and a driving force for a sustainable future.
Speakers to be announced...

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