Milano Music Week
Shape your future.Shape your future.Shape your future.
18-23 November 2024


The Meeting focuses on the changing professions and dynamics of the music industry.
The goal: allowing the circulation of innovative ideas, through networking and dialogue.
On the days leading up to the start of festival – everyday – from the first morning coffee, till evening

Creators Rights will be the set of talks exploring the economic value of music rights, the intellectual and property rights associated to original works, their performance, and dissemination.
Shared Experience, will focus on music fans, and the new trends that are shaping the way music is enjoyed, consumed and shared: both online, and offline; alone or together,
Our current music ecosystem will be the central topic in PLAY:FAIR, which will explore a
framework of action aimed at achieving a more sustainable music industry: free of systemic gender inequalities, able to promote a culture of inclusivity, awareness and acceptance of mental health issues, and, finally, weary of the environmental impact of music, and its footprints.
In Beyond Boundaries, we will explore territorial borders, europeanisation, and cross-sectoriality – by posing innovation as a solution to overcome geographical, mental and technological separation (discrepancies).
Finally, Creative Synergies will examine the intersection of different industries, observing the relationship between music artists, commercial brands and several media drivers.

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