Milano Music Week
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21–25 November 2023
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Friday 25 November

LA CAPSULA OUS Label SHOWCASE w/ Iokoi, Furtherset, Feldermelder, Noémi Büchi, Slon

10:20pm - 3:00am

La Capsula / musicROOMS



As a label that explores edges and bridges melting languages and genres, and as a community of ravers, artists, musicians, thinkers, parents, actors, writers, curators, un/shapers, printers, illustrators, movie-makers, co-existing together in order to find new practices to make our future choices sustainable, it’s a pleasure for –OUS to join Linecheck 2022.

During the years -OUS has walked several paths connecting Switzerland and Italy, through releases (Spime, Furtherset among the lasts),events (as Il Circolo Del Frattempo),and special projects, and for this edition at Linecheck they will bring a special showcase with five artists from their roster: Feldermelder, Furtherset, Iokoi, Noémi Büchi and Slon.
The showcases will be held for Linecheck delegates in the jewel of BASE Milano’s crown, The Capsula: a box with clear walls and cutting-edge immersive 3D sound.

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