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Post Nebbia

Post Nebbia

Post nebbia is a band originating in the new music landscape in Veneto (IT),and out of the home recording explorations of Carlo Corbellini (‘99). The band released their first self-produced work, "Prima Stagione," in May 2018, gaining recognition from important entities in the Italian independent music scene. In 2020, they were highlighted as one of the most promising bands by (CBCR) and Rolling Stone (Classe 2020). With their second album, "Canale Paesaggio" (Dischi Sotterranei/La Tempesta Dischi),released at the end of the same year, they seized the attention of the press (Venerdì di Repubblica, La Lettura, Internazionale, Billboard Rolling Stone) as well as the public – to which they responded by embarking on an extensive summer tour, performing at major festivals and venues throughout Italy.
"Entropia Padre Pio," their third album released in 2022 under Dischi Sotterranei/La Tempesta Dischi and co-produced by Fight Pausa, represents the peak of the group's growth across the recent eventful years.Their music blends surreal and psychedelic sounds with the concreteness of progressive rock, art rock, and pop – intelligentlly singing about a generation that has lost its bearings – lured at first by the seemingly luscius capitalist lifestyle, and then forced to rapidly and prematurely respond to a global health, political, and economic crisis, within a bubble of uncertainty and fear.
Carlo Corbellini's analysis touches upon religion, not in terms of God, but in its tendency towards the Infinite, as the only possible perspective to reach outside the bubble.
The album tour covered th whole country of Italy, first in the summer – with 22 dates – and then in the winter at clubs – with another 22 dates, eight of which were sold out (Ferrara, Rome, Bari, Milan, Bologna, Turin, Pisa, Padua). The tour ended on March 23rd, with another sold-out show at Santeria, Milan, featuring special guests such as Luca Bais, Fight Pausa, Myss Keta, and Montag.

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