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22–26 november 2022
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Noémi Büchi

Noémi Büchi

Noémi Büchi is a composer and sound artist currently based in Zürich, creating an electronic symphonic maximalism. Her music is defined by a delicate blend of electronic-orchestral condensations and textural rhythms. She strives for a combination of harmonic and dissonant sonorities, to evoke both intellectual and emotional euphoria.
She has already gained an international foothold in the experimental music scene and released her first EP "Matière" in 2019 through the Light Of Other Days label. In 2020, she released a second EP "Prismic Passages" in preparation for her larger work and debut album "Matter", which will now be released in 2022 on the label -OUS. In parallel, she has formed a new collaboration - "Musique Infinie" - together with composer and sound artist Feldermelder. Their debut album will also be released this year on the label -OUS.

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Noémi Büchi

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