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21–25 November 2023
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Leatherette are Andrea, Francesco, Jacopo, Marco and Michele. Formed in 2018, they are based in Bologna, Italy. Their name comes from the iconic single Warm Leatherette by The Normal. Leatherette almost sounds like a mockery of rock music and its aesthetics, simultaneously embraced and rejected, shredded. Their music is a potpourri of punk outbursts, jazz atmospheres and hints of no wave, generating a rich and composite sound, sometimes warm and welcoming, sometimes harsh, scratchy and unpredictable.
In 2021 they released Mixed Waste (WWNBB),a self-produced EP, followed by intense live activity throughout Italy (MiAmi, Beaches Brew),Europe and the UK.
In 2022 they signed to Bronson Recordings, and released their first LP, 'Fiesta', a disruptive album (Up To Hear). A car-crash of jagged noise, twisted love and dark, angsty melody, it was very well received by the local press and international press, while Iggy Pop himself played their track 'Dead Well' on his BBC Radio 6 show. In spring 2023 they embarked on a European tour that saw them play in Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium and the UK. Back in Italy, they continued the tour in the country by going down to Sicily and Apulia, then playing again in Valtellina and again in Switzerland. During the summer they participated in Italian festivals (LARS ROCK FESTIVAL, Apolide festival, Lowl festival),they opened for Shame during the SEI Festival 2023 in Corigliano d'Otranto. During 2023 Iggy Pop played three singles from the Fiesta album (Dead Well, So Long, Come Clean) on his radio show on BBC Radio 6 music. Now they are about to release their new LP, (Small Talk) due in November 2023.
Ronaldo is the first single from the new album and Iggy Pop immediately played it on his Confidential program on BBC6.

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