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DELICATONI is an independent music project born in the city of Vicenza. The group is composed of Antonio Bettini, Smilian Jack Cibic, Giorgio Manzardo, and Claudio Murru. Their musical style is eclectic, ranging from sweet jazz ballads, dreamy psych-pop songs to ecstatic dance tracks. The project draws inspiration from the relationship between the beauty of their ancient neoclassical city and the digital, rationalized culture in which their music is situated. The name "Delicatoni" suggests a paradoxical sense of caricatured delicacy, tenderness, and overflowing warmth. Their first EP, "Margherita," characterized by a warm and jazzy digital sound, was released in 2020. In 2022, they released their eponymous debut album, "Delicatoni." Through collaboration with talented local musicians, their lo-fi sound has evolved into a project that is both traditional and experimental, acoustic and electronic, Italian and international. The album garnered unexpected attention, being named the 14th best Italian album of 2022 by the Rockit magazine. In 2023, Delicatoni released "Giorno Libero," a 4-track EP with sounds spanning disco, jazz, soul, synth-pop, and classical music. Since then, Delicatoni has been included in Rolling Stone's list of emerging Italian artists in 2023.

For this performance, Delicatoni introduces 'Delicatronic,' their forthcoming album that blends their affection for Italian 60s library music with their enthusiasm for contemporary club and computer music, all viewed through a retro-futuristic lens.

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